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Friday, Oct. 28, 2011
9:45 a.m., NSERL 3.204








"Surface functionalization of silicon-rich substrates: New venues for old materials!"
Han Zuilhof, Professor at Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Organic SAMs on silicon-containing substrates including bulk silicon and silicon nanoparticles, silicon nitride and glass widely expand the applicability of such materials. New methods to achieve this surface modification onto Si will be presented, based on highly detailed studies of the kinetics and thermodynamics of SAM formation. In addition, the application of such mild and fast surface modification will be shown for all forementioned substrates, with the aim to present both the state of the art of this SAM formation as well as the challenges on and potential of the road ahead. Finally, specific attention will be given to the minimization of biofouling and the specific capture of bacteria by biofunctionalized substrates, and on factors governing the toxicity of Si-based nanomaterials.

After receiving his PhD from Leiden University, Dr. Zuilhof went on to do a post-doc term at the University of Roches­ter and later went on to Columbia University in New York. In 1997, he accepted a position at Wageningen University as an assistant professor of Organic Chemistry. Dr. Zuilhof went on to become an associate professor and in 2008 became the Chair of Organic Chemistry at Wageningen University. He has published over 100 scientific papers and his research has lead to numerous patents. His scien­tific interests include active organic surfaces, organic solar cells, and bionanotechnology.