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Materials science and engineering involves the study of advanced materials, including metals and their composites, polymers, silicon and bio-materials, and their possible uses in various applications. The field is multidisciplinary in nature, combining elements of physics, chemistry and biology, in addition to engineering.

The program leading to the M.S. degree in materials science and engineering provides intensive preparation for professional practice in modern materials science by those engineers who wish to continue their education.

The objective of the doctoral program is to prepare individuals to perform original, cutting-edge research in the broad areas of materials science, including nano-structured materials, electronic, optical and magnetic materials, bio-mimetic materials, polymeric materials, MEMS materials and systems, organic electronics, and advanced processing of modern materials.

Because UTD’s materials science research is heavily focused on applications, virtually all students who enroll in the program will be involved in research and development work funded by industry or the government, making them attractive to potential employers upon graduation. They will have access to the university’s world-class research facilities and infrastructure, including the new $85 million Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory building.