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 financial aid

There are three types of financial assistance for full-time graduate students, and all three are highly competitive. (Part-time students are not eligible for financial assistance.) As you’ll see below, there is no formal application process for this assistance. Students desiring financial assistance are encouraged to apply to our graduate program in computer science as early as possible.

1. Jonsson School Distinguished Graduate Fellows are selected and supported by the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science. Please speak to an adviser for more information.

2. Teaching assistants (TAs) are selected and supported by the Electrical Engineering Department based on students’ academic merit and prior research experience. When students are considered for admission, they are also considered by the department's selection committee for teaching assistantships. There is no need to apply separately. Most of our teaching assistantships are offered to students admitted to start in fall semesters. Students will be informed of any TA support no later than one week after the admission application deadline. (Please note that there are different deadline dates for domestic and international students.)

3. Research assistants (RAs) are supported by individual computer science faculty through faculty members’ research grants. Prospective students may contact faculty members directly to discuss their research interests and possible RA support. Please view our faculty research summaries.

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