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"UT Dallas Program Promotes STEM Careers for Young Women"
The Young Women in Science and Engineering Investigators program provides mentoring and coaching for lower-income, minority high school students, with the goal of promoting science and engineering careers for young women. read more

Team's 'Minecraft' Modification Gets Ready for Its Next Test
For more than a year, a team of UT Dallas chemists, programmers and engineers has developed "Polycraft World," a comprehensive modification to the video game "Minecraft." Last week, the first 10,000 users received free access to University servers hosting the game. read more

NSF Projects Offer Research Experience for Undergraduates
The REU Site for Surface Engineering for Sensing, Energy and Nanoelectronics has been recommended for renewal for another three years. read more

"Lab-Grown Diamonds Could Give Medical Implants New Shine"
KERA interviewed Dr. Auciello about lab-grown diamonds that could improve medical implants. read more

UT Dallas Team Infuses Materials Science into Minecraft
The 3-D world of the popular "Minecraft" video game just became more entertaining, perilous and educational, thanks to a comprehensive code modification kit, "Polycraft World," created by UT Dallas professors, students and alumni.

New Technology May Lead to Prolonged Power in Mobile Devices
Researchers from the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science have created technology that could be the first step toward wearable computers with self-contained power sources or, more immediately, a smartphone that doesn't die after a few hours of heavy use.

Jonsson School Honors its Own in Year-End Award Ceremony
The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science recently recognized faculty and staff members whose work has enhanced the educational experience for students and the work environment for fellow employees.

New Implanted Devices May Reshape Medicine
Researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas and the University of Tokyo have created electronic devices that become soft when implanted inside the body and can deploy to grip 3-D objects, such as large tissues, nerves and blood vessels.

Materials Science Researchers Start Student Group
Students from the Materials Science and Engineering Department at UT Dallas have formed the only student chapter of an international professional organization in the state - and one of only a few such chapters in the country.

Poster Wins Top Award
Postdoc Amanda Carrillo’s team won first place in a Materials Research Society poster session.

Graphene Advance
Graduate student Muge Acik discovers new infrared absorption mechanism in graphene oxide.

MOFs Could Solve Hydrogen Problem
A $1 million grant supports a key component in making hydrogen a widely used form of clean energy storage.

Solar Power Grant
Research aims to develop high-efficiency solar cells on relatively inexpensive Si substrates.

Building Complex Structures
An invited feature article by associate professor Amy Walker made the cover of the journal Langmuir.

Nanomaterials Advance
Research achieves self-assembled molecules on semiconductor surfaces.

New Fellowship Program
The St. Jude Medical Graduate Fellowship Program will support top graduate students in materials science who participate in research involving electronic interface with human tissue.

Graphene Article Proves Popular
An article by materials science student Archana Venugopal was one of the 10 most downloaded articles in Applied Physics Letters in January.

Semiconductor Performance Breakthrough
Researchers have laid the groundwork for attaching organic molecules to silicon.

Students Win Best Poster Award
Two materials science students take first place at Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference.

Paper on Molecular Constructs Published
Amy Walker’s paper “Building Robust and Reliable Molecular Constructs: Patterning, Metallic Contacts, and Layer-by-Layer Assembly” has been published in Langmuir, an interdisciplinary journal.

Atomic-Resolution TEM to Arrive Soon
A new atomic-resolution microscope will strengthen UT Dallas researchers’ role in developing next-generation semiconductors and enhance the University’s position as a resource for industry and technical consortiums.

MS&E-Affiliated Prof Receives Career Award
Funding will support Dr. Mihaela C. (Iovu) Stefan’s work with new semiconducting polymers.

Student Paper Honored
Materials Science student Marko Milojevic received the SISC Ed Nicollian Award for best student paper at the December 2009 IEEE Semiconductor Interface Specialists Conference.

Nanotech Article Selected for Nature Compilation
Eric Vogel’s review of challenges ahead for semiconductor technology selected for collection of important nanotech articles.

Yves Chabal Invested as TI Chair
MS&E Head Yves Chabal was honored at a ceremony formalizing his appointment as TI Distinguished University Chair in Nanoelectronics.

Journal Highlights Paper
Bob Wallace’s paper “In situ studies of Al2O3 and HfO2 dielectrics on graphite” (Applied Physics Letters 95, 133106, 2009) was selected for the Oct. 12 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology.

New Focus on Wafer Technology
UT Dallas is the new home of a center dedicated to advancing silicon wafer technology.

Faculty Publish Article in MRS Bulletin
Materials Science faculty Jiyoung Kim and Bob Wallace have published an article titled “Atomic Layer Deposition of Dielectrics on Ge and III–V Materials for Ultrahigh Performance Transistors” in the Materials Research Society Bulletin.

Governor Tours Materials Science Lab During Visit
Texas Gov. Rick Perry toured Materials Science Head Yves Chabal’s lab during a recent visit to campus to sign a bill aimed at creating more top research universities in Texas.

New Faculty Join Department
Two new faculty extend the department’s capabilities in organic electronics, high-mobility semiconductors and research on energy harvesting and storage.

Affiliate Faculty Member Wins Teaching Award
Mihaela C. Stefan has won the 2009 teaching award given by the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics.

IEEE Fellow
MS&E Professor Robert Wallace has been named an IEEE Fellow, one of IEEE’s highest honors.

Yves Chabal Receives Prestigious Prize
The American Physical Society has awarded Dr. Yves Chabal its Davisson-Germer Prize.

Atomically Precise Manufacturing
New $15 million project is dedicated to manufacturing devices one atom at a time.

Nanoelectronics Research Consortium
The $14 million Texas FUSION project is focused on commercializing nanoelectronic breakthroughs.

Kidney Stone Research Honored
Bruce Gnade receives prestigious prize for collaborative work with a UT Southwestern physician.

UT Dallas to Launch New Nanotechnology Curriculum
The University’s new minor in nanoscience and technology enables undergraduates to augment their core studies with a grounding in what’s also known as molecular engineering.

Cultural Holiday Celebration Caps 2008
The Materials Science and Engineering Department holds its first Cultural Holiday Celebration.