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Phone: 972-883-5789
Office: RL 4.412
Mailstop: RL10
[email protected]

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Julia W. P. Hsu

Professor and Texas Instruments Distinguished Chair in Nanoelectronics


1991 PhD Physics, Stanford University
1987 MS Physics, Stanford University
1985 BSE Chemical Engineering and Engineering Physics, Princeton University

Research Summary

Prof. Hsu’s research focuses on nanoscale materials physics. She has done extensive work on local characterization of electronic and photonic materials and devices using scanning probe techniques. The material systems she has studied include metals and alloys, group IV, III-V and II-VI semiconductors, and oxides. She is most interested in the relationship between microscopic organization and macroscopic properties of nanocomposites, including controlling assembly of inorganic nanomaterials in organic matrices and understanding electronic properties at the organic-inorganic interface, with applications towards energy applications, such as nanostructured solar cells. The research projects will include improving organic photovoltaics, nanomaterial synthesis, electrical and electronic studies of nanocomposites and heterojunctions, and nanofabrication.

Selected Publications

  • M. T. Lloyd, D. C. Olson, P. Lu, E. Fang, D. L. Moore, M. S. White, M. O. Reese, D. S. Ginley, and J. W. P. Hsu, “Impact of Contact Evolution on the Shelf Life of Organic Solar Cells,” J. Mater. Chem. +Cover 19, 7638-7642 (2009) DOI: 10.1039/b910213b
  • A. Trionfi, D. H. Wang, J. D. Jacobs, L.-S. Tan, R. A. Vaia, and J. W. P. Hsu, “Direct Measurement of the Percolation Probability in Carbon Nanofiber-Polyimide Nanocomposites,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 116601 (2009)
  • Y.-J. Lee, D. S. Ruby, D. W. Peters, B. B. McKenzie, and J. W. P. Hsu, “ZnO Nanostructures as Efficient Antireflection Layers for Solar Cells,” Nano Lett. 8, 1501-1505 (2008)
  • J. W. P. Hsu, Z. R. Tian, N. C. Simmons, C. M. Matzke, J. A. Voigt, and J. Liu, “Directed Spatial Organization of Zinc Oxide Nanorods,” Nano Lett. 5, 83-86 (2005)
  • J. W. P. Hsu, M. J. Manfra, D. V. Lang, S. Richter, S. N. G. Chu, A. M. Sergent, R. N. Kleiman, L. N. Pfeiffer, and R. J. Molnar, “Inhomogeneous Spatial Distribution of Reverse Bias Leakage in GaN Schottky Diodes grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 78, 1685-1687 (2001)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Fellow, American Physical Society
  • Fellow, AAAS
  • American Physical Society Apker Award
  • Sloan Foundation Fellowship
  • National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award