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Travel FAQ

  1. When I was checking on flights, the online site (ex: Priceline) has the flight really cheap. Can I go ahead and book it and get reimbursed?

    No. All flights must be purchased through the UTD travel coordinator. If you book without UTD, you will not receive reimbursement.

  2. I can’t find a receipt, can I still get reimbursed?

    No. UTD requires a receipt for all travel reimbursement expenses.

  3. Can I get reimbursed for a traffic violation while I was traveling?

    No. You will not get reimbursed for any traffic or parking violation.

  4. Who books my hotel reservation?

    You book your own hotel reservation. After you book the hotel, then email the hotel confirmation to your travel coordinator. Once you return, bring an itemized receipt (separating room rate and hotel tax) with your other travel receipts.

  5. Do I need to keep my receipts for meals?

    Yes. Keep all receipts from eating out while you are traveling. Please double check with your sponsoring Professor whether they want you to submit food receipts.

  6. I am planning to share a hotel room with another student. How will I get reimbursed?

    First, let your travel coordinator know that you are going to share a room. Second, when you check out, ask for two hotel receipts which include your name and reference the credit card that you used. If possible, ask the hotel to include how much each guest paid for out of the total bill.

  7. What is per diem?

    Per Diem is the monetary rate that the federal government sets as reasonable for state sponsored trips. It is the maximum amount that you can receive reimbursement for. However, you will be reimbursed what you spent, only up to the maximum amount allowed. Per Diem will be listed on your travel envelope for reference.

  8. How long does it take till I receive my reimbursement from my out-of-pocket expenses?

    It will typically take three-six weeks before you will receive your reimbursement check. If you elected to have direct deposit, you will receive an email notifying you that the reimbursement has been deposited into your bank account.

  9. What expenses can be directly billed to UTD’s account instead of paying out-of-pocket?

    UTD can be directly billed for your flight, conference registration fee, and Enterprise rental car.

  10. I am traveling inside of Texas. Do I need to submit a travel form?

    Yes. If you are traveling on a UTD sponsored trip (ex: in state conference), you will need to submit a travel request form.

  11. When I travel within Texas, will my reimbursement options change?

    Yes. You can still receive reimbursement for mileage, conference fee, and parking. However, you will not receive reimbursement for meals unless you stayed overnight at the sponsored event.

  12. Can I be reimbursed for mileage when I used my own car?

    Yes. If you used your own car to go the airport or to travel inside of Texas, you can be reimbursed $.50 cents per mile. Please let the travel coordinator know whether you would like mileage reimbursement. The maximum amount to the DFW airport is 50 miles (or $25.00) and the maximum for Love Field Airport is 36 miles (or $18.00).

  13. I am traveling overseas, what should I do?  

    Contact your travel coordinator immediately. There are several departments that are involved, as well as the OIE department to receive pre-trip training.

  14. Where is the “travel request form” located?

    Go to the UTD website, then search for “Materials Science”. Click on the “Faculty and Staff” tab on top, then select “Staff”. The Travel Request Form is on the left hand side. Fill it out completely, and email it to your travel coordinator.

  15. What if I lost a receipt while traveling?

    UTD requires a receipt for all reimbursement. If you paid with a credit card, you can submit your credit card statement as an alternative record. Original receipts are the preferred method by both UTD and travelers.

  16. Can I receive reimbursement for alcoholic beverages while traveling?

    No. Most grants funding your trip will not reimburse alcohol charges.